Tauranga Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Class Etiquette

Tauranga BJJ Class Etiquette​

The Goal of Tauranga BJJ is to build a positive, safe and friendly atmosphere where people can come together and learn Jiu Jitsu. The Tauranga Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy have an expected standard of etiquette to foster this culture.

  • Have fun and bring a positive attitude
  • Smile, say hi to team mates and visitors
  • Remove your shoes and socks before stepping on the mats
  • No slamming
  • Bow when entering and exiting the mat
  • Keep language and behaviour respectful, especially around younger team mates
  • Listen when the instructor is teaching
  • Train safe – Respect the tap
  • Give your training partners time to tap – rolling is not a competition
  • IBJJF Black belt rules for rolling White belt 3 stripes and up
    • Please watch the rules video to be aware of serious offences Serious Fouls
  • Rash guards (t-shirt) must be worn under the GI at all times
  • A top must be worn at all times (t-shirt/Gi)
  • No food or gum on the mats
  • Remove all makeup and jewellery
  • No problem if you are late to class, just greet the instructor before entering the mats
  • Any GI colour and patches are accepted. (No offensive patches)
  • You must wear a Gi for all Gi classes
  • Suitable clothes must be worn for No-Gi classes
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Close Contact Sport

Keeping it clean and healthy

Training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu involves a lot of close contact with your training partners. Therefore it is important to maintain a high standard of hygiene to keep yourself and your team mates healthy. As long as we all maintain a high standard of hygiene, we will all be able to train in a safe clean environment.

  • Wash your GI after every class, do not just dry. You will not be allowed train with a dirty / unwashed GI’s.
  • Keep your nails short
  • Wash your belt at least once a month. More depending on how often you are training.
  • Remove your shoes and socks before stepping on the mats.
  • Wear jandals / footwear off the mats (going to the bathroom) 
  • Stay home if you are feeling under the weather or have any infectious skin conditions. You will be asked to go home if you have any signs of illness or skin conditions. (coughing, fever, stuffy nose, ring worm, staph, cold sores, athletes foot etc)